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Some digital ad firms have 24 year olds. And some have 24 years of experience in digital. is based out of Netherlands, and the team behind it has thousands of digital campaigns of experience behind it, across brands like, Microsoft, National Geographic, CNN and Yahoo. is also backed by Collider, the leading British and Dutch adtech accelerator.

Ansoo Gupta, our CEO, comes with 22 years of marketing experience. Ansoo is an MBA and spent 10 years in traditional media working across Asia with Newscorp and the History Channel. She then moved to digital and spent the next 12 years handling global digital campaigns for marketers like Microsoft, National Geographic, Yahoo and Mondelez. Ansoo loves to travel and also runs an effort to persuade people to travel responsibly.

Nikhil Sheth, our CTO, comes with 15 years of experience, and 13 of these years have been in digital advertising technology. Nikhil has led teams that built intelligent search engine marketing systems and highly-scalable sentiment analysis systems that look at more than 1.5 million social signals a month. Nikhil runs a 14-strong team of ad tech engineers and loves seeing if sentiment analysis can predict movements in his stock portfolio.

Mahesh Murthy, our founder, is an investor and serial entrepreneur with 35 years' experience. Mahesh started in advertising, ending up as a Creative Director with Grey and Ogilvy in Asia. He then moved to the US and helped design the first graphical interface for Yahoo in 1994 and the website in 1996. He also did the first launch of Mahesh then turned investor, running two of India's best-returning VC funds. His current investments include South Asia's leading independent digital marketing firm, Asia's most-loved craft brewer and India's first private company in space. 

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