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Make an impression or make a sale? Yes.

Marketers say “banners are for brand, search is for sales”. But now banners can do both. 

If you have a 1,000 products that go on offer every day, can automatically create banners for each of them, with real-time prices.

If you sell airline seats or hotel rooms where prices change by the hour, your ads can also change in real time. And your banners can have a countdown timer. also works for media sites: if you have new content every minute, the system can create banners for each piece automatically, in all standard sizes across display and social media. In real-time.
These ads can then be published, with your approval, on Instagram, Facebook, Google Display Network or anywhere you choose via your media buying system or demand-side platform (DSP).

2018 data from Google shows click-through rates (CTR) for display and search ads across categories. can help reduce the difference. Click on image to download.

new chart radad.png banners are created in your brand’s look and feel, and they can go live minutes after your content or price is updated. And because they have fresh information, they are more useful to consumers than generic ads people often overlook.

The result? More clicks, more traffic and more sales. With no increased media cost. And it can all be done without the need for any integration of your site or back-end technology. You don’t need to disturb your tech team in the slightest.

See our case studies, get to know our affordable pricing, and contact us for a demo, a pilot or a quote.

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