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A thousand customised ads a month for the cost of one person.

And it gets better.

Our pricing is designed to make it simple for you to adopt our technology, and even simpler to profit from it. offers customised banners for between €5 and €10 per ad. An ad to us is a unique set of text and image content.

So a banner for each new product or new price or new piece of content is an ad. But here's the kicker - each ad comes with variants in up to 10 standard banner sizes included. In effect, you're paying less than €1 per high-quality creative unit. 

Does it make financial sense? The answer is easy.

If you believe customized ads for each of your products, offers or new content can generate just €5 or €10 more in profits across an entire month, then you’ve already broken even. That's all there is to it. Everything beyond goes straight to your profitability.

Our clients have seen a 6x or more return on their investments using this technology. It is profitable to produce advertising that the customer doesn’t ignore. Contact us to take things further.

This chart shows indicative pricing for licenses. Prices are on a per-month basis and exclude applicable taxes, if any. Click on image to download sheet.

radad pricing nov 2018.png
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